To The Breaking Pointe – September 13, 2014

To the Breaking Pointe by Cindy McDonald

To the Breaking Pointe

To The Breaking Pointe by best-selling author Cindy McDonald rocks once again in the second book of the First Force Series! I was provided the cover photography by Paul Reitz of New York City and the model is Stuart Reardon. The model is normally covered in tattoos on much of his flesh so on this task is was about tattoo removal and a fair interpretation of his skin tones, lighting and textures. The text of this cover comes from the idea off the first book in the series and added the ballerina to replace the ‘i” in Pointe giving a little flair to the overall look to the text. This series is fast-becoming a favorite new series in reader circles throughout the globe. Get your copy now and if you’d like to see the full cover, click the image.