Budget Blinds Billboard (March 10, 2014)

Budget Blinds Billboard

Budget Blinds Billboard

The project was to create a highly visible advertisement/billboard for a client who owns a Budget Blinds franchise here in the Spokane, Washington area.  I was absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to do something outside my norm, but part of the well-rounded designer I wish to be. Once the project was complete, there were nearly a dozen billboards all over the area. I went around town taking pictures and the image you see here is one example of the different size variations that were taking up billboard space. I hope to do more work in the near future for the client. Thank you. To see a larger image of the billboard, click the image.

Twelve to Murder (February 6, 2014)

Twelve To Murder by Lauren Carr

Twelve To Murder

Twelve To Murder, part of the Mac Faraday series, captures a very special place in my heart. Another masterpiece of literary genius by author Lauren Carr made this cover a no brainer for ideas. The watch on the cover image was passed onto me after my Grandfather’s passing. Personal items around the house have made it into some of my covers at work before as well which makes each of those covers a bit sweeter to share with the world. Enjoy. For the full cover, click the image.

The Lady Who Cried Murder (January 2, 2014)

The Lady Who Cried Murder by Lauren Carr

The Lady Who Cried Murder

The Lady Who Cried Murder by Lauren Carr was another fantastic book in the Mac Faraday series. The creation of the cover was a bit tricky as some images just didn’t seem to work quite well enough to capture the essence of the book. Once I came across the main character for the cover, I blended a few other ideas to make this particular cover come to life and it really stood out as the winner. To see the full cover, click the image.

Cedar Smoke (November 2, 2013)

Cedar Smoke by Thomas L. Trumble

Cedar Smoke

Cedar Smoke was a poster for a special play that was put on by Thomas L. Trumble; directed by Dr. Robert C. Willgoos & Dr. Joyce C. Web. The power of the Vietnam experience made the poster design a true honor in creating. Finding the right tombstone and then smoothing out the inscription that was initially on the tombstone was a quick fix. Adding the title text to blend with the tombstone came along quite nicely with a matter of a few adjustments. To see a larger image of the poster, click the image.

Creatures, Crimes & Creativity, 2013 (October 19, 2013)

Creatures, Crimes & Creativity

Creatures, Crimes & Creativity

Creatures, Crimes & Creativity was a book that was designed for a conference of authors. The book highlights a series of authors that attended and spoke at the conference. The logo comes from the group but other than that, the design was all mine. This was a nice change of pace in creation of covers that I have been doing. I explored many potential ideas but as this particular cover developed, I kept enhancing the layers with bright, vivid color and a metallic quality that felt like it captured the essence of the conference. To see the full cover, click image

Into the Crossfire (October 8, 2013)

Into The Crossfire by Cindy McDonald

Into The Crossfire

Into the Crossfire was the first book in a new series entitled First Force by Cindy McDonald. The cover image photograph is by Paul Reitz of New York and the model is Stuart Reardon. I added the title construction and scope to give the cover the look needed to begin a hot new series! The biggest challenge was to remove some of the model’s tattoos (a very painstaking-pixel-by_pixel exercise). Also, at this time, I created website banners for both Cindy McDonald & Lauren Carr’s websites. Check out both to see the banners! To see the full cover, click the image.

The Murders At Astaire Castle (July 8, 2013)

The Murders At Astaire Castle by Lauren Carr

The Murders At Astaire Castle

The Murders At Astaire Castle was another installment of the Mac Faraday Series by Lauren Carr. The cover was an easy one to come up with considering the subject matter and synopsis. You cannot go wrong with a spooky old castle (which the inspiration came from Scooby-Doo) in a perspective of dramatic excess! Once I start a series, much like at work, I do my best to keep the overall look and design similar so the audience that has fallen in love with the author’s style carries over to help identify the author’s products all across the world. To see the full cover, click the image.

Dear God…Letters from the Nursing Home (June 8, 2013)

Dear God, Letters from the Nursing Home by Mary-Ellen Lowe

Dear God, Letters from the Nursing Home

Dear God…Letters from the Nursing Home was a very special cover to design. Author Mary-Ellen Low shares experiences in the nursing home community. The cover was very inspirational to accomplish that salutes The Greatest Generation. Quite a few layers were needed to get the right look, blend and visual impact that was needed to express the importance and delicate nature of the subject matter. I hope you enjoy. For the full cover, click the image.

Against The Ropes (May 26, 2013)

Against the Ropes by Cindy McDonald

Against the Ropes

Against the Ropes was another visual assault of awesome in this vivid book cover. Part of the Unbridled Series by Cindy McDonald, the cover captures a dramatic vision of the bridge while lightning falls around the terrain to give the cover some drama. The overall redness in the image showed an urgency that works well with many mystery or action genres. To view full cover, click the image.