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Dakota Run

Endworld: Dakota Run by David Robbins

Reaching Colorado by Frank Roderus, cover design by Todd Aune

Reaching Colorado by Frank Roderus, cover photography by James Hatzell










Please click over to my website and visit the WORK page to take a look at some of the latest audiobook cover designs I have been doing. From simple text and image covers to intricate editing, manipulating and updating of original artwork and covers. Above are a few covers to whet your appetite. Enjoy the rest on my website or ALL the covers I’ve been a part of at Books In Motion.

Open Season for Murder – June 1, 2015

Open Season for Murder by Lauren Carr. Here is the latest installment of the Mac Faraday Mystery series. There’s such a nice balance between sensual, mysterious, bright, intriguing and delight in this cover design. Lauren Carr continues to shine as one of the great mystery authors of our time and it’s truly a blessing to be a part of her books.

The image of this main image was altered/cleaned up some so it would pop off paper, then adding the transparent/ghostly image of the woman tied the cover together nicely to draw that mysterious theme of the novel.

To purchase the book, click here. To purchase the entire Mac Faraday series, click here.

Open Season for Murder by Lauren Carr

Open Season for Murder by Lauren Carr

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald, NEW book cover image!

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald, NEW book cover for 2014

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald, NEW book cover for 2014  

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald. This was the first book I had the honor in creating for the author. The first book cover for Hot Coco was a beautiful expression of what the author desired and it captured the essence quite well to the storyline. Two years later, I get a note that the author found herself in a pickle with a group of people who wouldn’t allow her book to be on display because they found it offensive. HARDLY! If you find the original cover offensive, you’re nuts! Click here to see that book cover.

Holding onto a few elements from the original cover, this new book cover for Hot Coco also turned out quite well and had just enough flash/flair to probably offend someone in this world but still, the book is fantastic and the Unbridled Series is terrific. Freedom of expression, all…don’t let the uptight win!

To see the full cover of Hot Coco, click the image. To purchase Hot Coco, CLICK HERE!

From the Archives – Car show, July 4, 2013

One of many special cars from the area.

One of many special cars from the area.

In Suncrest, Washington, every year our local community puts on a grand display of fireworks and a community event in which vendors are able to sell their goods/services along with an ever-growing car show/shine. July 4 in Suncrest is an all-day event so be sure come at two different times; one for the car show and vendors/festivities then towards evening, come out for the huge fireworks display. To see more cars from the day, click here.

Revivaltime – September 21, 2014

Revivaltime Quartet

Revivaltime Quartet

This particular full CD cover was created at work for a long-time friend of the company in 2012. It was a special order to help commemorate and sell to people who enjoyed a musical era of the 1940s/50s. A full cover was created along with a foldout two-sided insert that describes the people in Revivaltime and shows different photographs/images of that time. It has been such a great experience to be involved in making this client so very happy with the end result. You can see the time then meant so much to him throughout his life and still deeply affects him as a very proud time in his life.

The CD is now in its second pressing and available at this location. Purchase your copy today!

To The Breaking Pointe – September 13, 2014

To the Breaking Pointe by Cindy McDonald

To the Breaking Pointe

To The Breaking Pointe by best-selling author Cindy McDonald rocks once again in the second book of the First Force Series! I was provided the cover photography by Paul Reitz of New York City and the model is Stuart Reardon. The model is normally covered in tattoos on much of his flesh so on this task is was about tattoo removal and a fair interpretation of his skin tones, lighting and textures. The text of this cover comes from the idea off the first book in the series and added the ballerina to replace the ‘i” in Pointe giving a little flair to the overall look to the text. This series is fast-becoming a favorite new series in reader circles throughout the globe. Get your copy now and if you’d like to see the full cover, click the image.

A Wedding and a Killing – September 13, 2014

A Wedding and a Killing by Lauren Carr

A Wedding and a Killing

A Wedding and a Killing has me return the amazing (best-selling) Mac Faraday series by Lauren Carr. Sharing a little process behind the scenes here but when time is spent on coming up with ideas, certain things come to mind right away with the given information provided. Then, something magical happens as you start to dig in and create off the initial ideas, then evolve into something else and usually very unexpected with the final result that blows every other idea out of the water and those are the moments I cherish a lot when creating something from very little. A keyword here, a setting there opens up doors you never thought you would go down. Enjoy the book and remember to see the full cover image, click the image.

Dead On Ice – Updated Cover, August 22, 2014

Dead On Ice - Updated cover

Dead On Ice – Updated cover

The original Dead On Ice cover started a new series with a new look and spark of new creative energy in coming up with a look that will really stand out as the series began to take off. As the second book in the Lovers In Crime series became available (Real Murder), the first book cover did not have quite the look now the author wanted to have. So, with the inspired look of Real Murder on the shelves, it was time to update and match Dead On Ice with a visually connected updated look. Enjoy the new cover art and buy yourself the book once again if you purchased the first edition of Dead On Ice. The originals are now collectible! 🙂 To see the full cover, click the image.

Real Murder (May 30, 2014)

Real Murder by Lauren Carr

Real Murder

Read Murder was the second book in the Lovers In Crime series by Lauren Carr. This book changed the look of the series once completed. The feedback about this cover from fans of the author fell in love with the look and so the author asked me before the release of this book that I redo the first book in the series, Dead On Ice. So, a new cover will be coming very soon! To see the full cover, click the image.