Dead On Ice – Updated Cover, August 22, 2014

Dead On Ice - Updated cover

Dead On Ice – Updated cover

The original Dead On Ice cover started a new series with a new look and spark of new creative energy in coming up with a look that will really stand out as the series began to take off. As the second book in the Lovers In Crime series became available (Real Murder), the first book cover did not have quite the look now the author wanted to have. So, with the inspired look of Real Murder on the shelves, it was time to update and match Dead On Ice with a visually connected updated look. Enjoy the new cover art and buy yourself the book once again if you purchased the first edition of Dead On Ice. The originals are now collectible! 🙂 To see the full cover, click the image.

Dead On Ice (September 10, 2012)

Dead On Ice by Lauren Carr

Dead On Ice

Dead On Ice was the first book in the new Lovers In Crime series by Lauren Carr. It was exciting to grow with the author into a new mystery series and design the cover which turned out a bit deeper/darker than previous works. Manipulating a series of images along with adding accents to emphasize a dramatic feel, this cover seemed to hit the mark well at the time to bring in a new audience to an exciting new series. To see the full cover, click the image.