Open Season for Murder – June 1, 2015

Open Season for Murder by Lauren Carr. Here is the latest installment of the Mac Faraday Mystery series. There’s such a nice balance between sensual, mysterious, bright, intriguing and delight in this cover design. Lauren Carr continues to shine as one of the great mystery authors of our time and it’s truly a blessing to be a part of her books.

The image of this main image was altered/cleaned up some so it would pop off paper, then adding the transparent/ghostly image of the woman tied the cover together nicely to draw that mysterious theme of the novel.

To purchase the book, click here. To purchase the entire Mac Faraday series, click here.

Open Season for Murder by Lauren Carr

Open Season for Murder by Lauren Carr

Budget Blinds Billboards – Round 2

Client hired me once again to create new billboards for his place of business.

My client was kind enough to ask me to create a series of billboards once again to help spread the word of his business all over Spokane and Spokane Valley, WA. After the first experience, creating these billboards ran much smoother and executed much faster so the client could get these out to the masses even sooner. To see more of the varieties created, click this link HERE.

Budget Blinds Billboard (March 10, 2014)

Budget Blinds Billboard

Budget Blinds Billboard

The project was to create a highly visible advertisement/billboard for a client who owns a Budget Blinds franchise here in the Spokane, Washington area.  I was absolutely thrilled for the opportunity to do something outside my norm, but part of the well-rounded designer I wish to be. Once the project was complete, there were nearly a dozen billboards all over the area. I went around town taking pictures and the image you see here is one example of the different size variations that were taking up billboard space. I hope to do more work in the near future for the client. Thank you. To see a larger image of the billboard, click the image.

Cedar Smoke (November 2, 2013)

Cedar Smoke by Thomas L. Trumble

Cedar Smoke

Cedar Smoke was a poster for a special play that was put on by Thomas L. Trumble; directed by Dr. Robert C. Willgoos & Dr. Joyce C. Web. The power of the Vietnam experience made the poster design a true honor in creating. Finding the right tombstone and then smoothing out the inscription that was initially on the tombstone was a quick fix. Adding the title text to blend with the tombstone came along quite nicely with a matter of a few adjustments. To see a larger image of the poster, click the image.

Lake Spokane Parks & Recreation (March 3, 2013)

Lake Spokane Parks & Recreation Logo

Lake Spokane Parks & Recreation Logo

The logo for Lake Spokane Parks & Recreation was a submission to a contest the Parks & Rec’s board had opened up to the entire Suncrest, WA area. The park was in its infancy stage at that point. The park’s land had been acquired and a panel of officials had been created to support the growth of the free park for the community. The logo is now used on all official documents and websites pertaining to the Lake Spokane Parks & Recreation. I am honored to help in establish a much-needed free park experience for the community of Suncrest, WA and its surrounding communities.