ICE Nominated 2019 RONÉ Award Finalist!

2019 RONÉ Award Finalist for cover art in the Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Category

ICE by Lauren Carr (A Chris Matheson Cold Case Mystery) has been nominated as a 2019 RONÉ Award Finalist for Cover Art in the Mystery/Thriller/Suspense category. I am very honored for the nomination and winners will be announced soon.

Each year InD’tale Magazine honors the very best books in the Indie and Small publishing industry by awarding the prestigious RONE award.  To achieve this award, a book  must go through the most comprehensive process in the industry today, with three distinct areas of focus. (

  1. All books in each given year (January 1st – December 31st) must have been read and reviewed by our professional staff of reviewers and be given a four star rating or higher to qualify as a nominee.
  2. All nominees, with the exception of 5 star rated books which will automatically become finalists, must then be voted on by the reading public.  The books with the highest number of public votes will progress on to become finalists.
  3. The finalists will then be read by a group of industry professionals consisting of editors, writers, professors etc. and be judged on a one to five scale from a specific list of requirements such as characterization, overall arc, editing etc.   Those scores will then be tallied by a professional company unrelated to InD’tale or its employees to determine the winner of the coveted RONE award, along with the honorable mentions.

All awards are announced at the annual RONE award gala event and ceremony and given the beautiful Crystal RONE award. This is a formal but extremely fun and entertaining night for all, one that truly honors all Indie and Small published authors, readers and professionals!’

New Books In Motion Covers Added

Dakota Run

Endworld: Dakota Run by David Robbins

Reaching Colorado by Frank Roderus, cover design by Todd Aune

Reaching Colorado by Frank Roderus, cover photography by James Hatzell










Please click over to my website and visit the WORK page to take a look at some of the latest audiobook cover designs I have been doing. From simple text and image covers to intricate editing, manipulating and updating of original artwork and covers. Above are a few covers to whet your appetite. Enjoy the rest on my website or ALL the covers I’ve been a part of at Books In Motion.

Open Season for Murder – June 1, 2015

Open Season for Murder by Lauren Carr. Here is the latest installment of the Mac Faraday Mystery series. There’s such a nice balance between sensual, mysterious, bright, intriguing and delight in this cover design. Lauren Carr continues to shine as one of the great mystery authors of our time and it’s truly a blessing to be a part of her books.

The image of this main image was altered/cleaned up some so it would pop off paper, then adding the transparent/ghostly image of the woman tied the cover together nicely to draw that mysterious theme of the novel.

To purchase the book, click here. To purchase the entire Mac Faraday series, click here.

Open Season for Murder by Lauren Carr

Open Season for Murder by Lauren Carr

Three Days to Forever – January 19, 2015

Three Days To Forever by Lauren Carr. A recent addition to the Mac Faraday Series. Each book cover created is such a blessing to do and the great feedback both the author and myself is very exciting to receive. On this cover idea, the main image of the book comes from a cache of images I have on file. The moon and clouds were added to help bring the cover together. The text elements are brought over into each Mac Faraday book, tying the series nicely together. If you wish to purchase this book, click here. To purchase the entire Mac Faraday Series, click here.

Three Days to Forever by Lauren Carr.

Three Days to Forever by Lauren Carr.

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald, NEW book cover image!

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald, NEW book cover for 2014

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald, NEW book cover for 2014  

Hot Coco by Cindy McDonald. This was the first book I had the honor in creating for the author. The first book cover for Hot Coco was a beautiful expression of what the author desired and it captured the essence quite well to the storyline. Two years later, I get a note that the author found herself in a pickle with a group of people who wouldn’t allow her book to be on display because they found it offensive. HARDLY! If you find the original cover offensive, you’re nuts! Click here to see that book cover.

Holding onto a few elements from the original cover, this new book cover for Hot Coco also turned out quite well and had just enough flash/flair to probably offend someone in this world but still, the book is fantastic and the Unbridled Series is terrific. Freedom of expression, all…don’t let the uptight win!

To see the full cover of Hot Coco, click the image. To purchase Hot Coco, CLICK HERE!

Shady Deals by Cindy McDonald

Shady Deals by Cindy McDonald

Shady Deals by Cindy McDonald

Shady Deals by Cindy McDonald. Book cover was created early 2014. This was the the fifth book cover I have been blessed to create for the author. Each book cover created has been a nice challenge to find and enhance the right elements to make the cover come off as well as it does. Bold text, bright colors and a little passion between the couple make this book cover fly off the shelves!

To see the full cover, click the image and to purchase the book, click HERE!

1/6/2015 – Audiobook covers update

Murder By Masquerade

Murder By Masquerade

I just updated/added some of the latest audiobook covers that I have been a part of. A few are all mine, a few are other artists’ works that I have to break down and rebuild into the formats we offer at my office and then there’s a few that are a compare and contrast of the same cover. I redo a lot of audiobook covers from the past and I hope they come off much more contemporary and timeless all at the same time. To see the the work, go HERE or the image to the left.

Budget Blinds Billboards – Round 2

Client hired me once again to create new billboards for his place of business.

My client was kind enough to ask me to create a series of billboards once again to help spread the word of his business all over Spokane and Spokane Valley, WA. After the first experience, creating these billboards ran much smoother and executed much faster so the client could get these out to the masses even sooner. To see more of the varieties created, click this link HERE.

From the Archives – June 28, 2014 Car Show | Nine Mile Falls, WA

Nine Mile Falls, WA Car Show

Nine Mile Falls, WA Car Show

I have been on such a whirlwind since July of 2014 due to being out of town at that time, then upon returning home falling ill, I had not taken the time to update my website. This set of car show pictures were taken on June 28, 2014 in Nine Mile Falls, WA. I happen to be driving into town and saw the sign promoting the show so I took a look and was surprised to see so many good looking cars on display at this local park. All I had on me at that time was my cell phone so all the shots seen are from that camera. Enjoy. To see all the images from the car show, click here.